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Yangzhou Kaipu Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Capacitor in China Mainland since 1994. We are specially engaged in the manufacture of a wide variety of Film Capacitors, such as metalized polyester film capacitor, metallized polypropylene film capacitor, etc, which can be used as DC-link Capacitors, Snubber Capacitors, Filter Capacitors, etcs. Our company cooperates with the university and the reseach institutes to develop new products with our own R&D center. Based on ISO 9001, our products have achieved certifications of CQC, UL, CUL, VDE, ENE,etc.

Our products are widely used in Lighting, Communications, Homeappliances, Power electronics, Industrial control, Automotive lectronics, Greenergy field, Military equipment field, etc.

welcome the new and old customer consultation, custom. We serve for you with all sincerity!